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City Newsletter October-December 2020

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M-82 will be closed over Penoyer Creek

M-82 will be closed over Penoyer Creek (just west of M-37) for bridge work 7 a.m. this Monday through October 31. Traffic will be detoured onto Evergreen Drive to M-37. The pedestrian walkway will remain open.
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For up-to-date information on this project and others, go to the list of statewide lane closures at: www.michigan.gov/drive.
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Small Business Loans Available!

7/20/2020 UPDATE:
Are you a Newaygo County small business owner that has been impacted by COVID-19?

You may be eligible for a recovery loan from the Fremont Area Community Foundation

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on our region, particularly the well-being of the local business community. That's why the Fremont Area Community Foundation created the Small Business Recovery Loan Program in partnership with MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU).


  • Loans from $5,000 to $50,000 are available for Newaygo County businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees.
  • The terms of the loans are favorable with a low interest rate and up to a five-year term.
  • The first principal and interest payments may not be due until 90 days after closing, depending on the needs of the business.
  • Both nonprofit and for-profit entities are eligible to apply, including service, retail, agriculture, commercial, and industrial businesses.
For more information about the program, visit: facommunityfoundation.org/loans

You can also reach program contacts Don Farmer and Dan Wheat at loan@facommunityfoundation.org to discuss eligibility and begin the application process.

"I Am NEWaygo"

I Am NEWaygo logo
Citizens and community leaders have updated the City's Master Plan and are working to update the City's zoning ordinance. Follow link above for page with links to updated Master Plan and other initiatives.

M37 Pilot Program 10/7/2020 UPDATE:

Next week M37 between River St and Quarterline Rd will be restriped with a different lane configuration to test, per approval of MDOT (see plans). The configuration will lack a center turn lane, but maintain the on-street parking on both sides of the street. This config will give people more room to get in and out of their cars when parking on-street. The space next to the parking lanes also serves as a space for cars to pull over if emergency vehicles need to get through.

MDOT and the City would like to see how this config functions compared to the version with a center turn lane. Given the limited number of left turns that are made in that stretch of road, it is worth testing this config.

This config will likely remain in place until Spring.
You can provide feedback by:
-Calling 231-652-1657 ext 211
-Emailing M37feedback@newaygocity.org


Brush & Leaf Pickup

Brush Pickup
October 12th – October 16th

  • Brush must be piled neatly, with butt ends facing the road
  • Brush only. No leaves or grass!
  • Brush must not exceed 6” in diameter and 4 feet in length.

Bulk Leaf Pickup
October 19th – October 23rd

  • Rake leaves to edge of road in a long windrow.
  • Piles should be located just off the road edge, no more than one foot from the road.
  • Piles should only include leaves. No Brush!
  • Piles should not be within four feet of mailbox or street signs.

Bag Leaf Pickup

  • Composting bags are available at City Hall for free.
  • Bags must only have leaves, no grass clippings.
  • Set bags by edge of road and the DPW will pick them up.
  • The City will not pickup bags that are not composting bags.

When visiting City Hall...

When visiting City Hall, you may notice some differences in the way the lobby is arranged. These changes are aimed at providing a safer environment as our knowledge of the risks relating to COVID-19/Coronavirus evolve. When visiting City Hall, please expect the following:

  • Public visitors needing to conduct in-person business should maintain six feet distance from others where possible.
  • Distancing marks separating visitors by six feet are placed on the floor.
  • Should the City Hall Lobby become congested with a number of visitors, staff may ask some visitors to wait outside.
  • The City has the right to ask a member of the public to leave the premises if they are not following guidelines or appear sick.

When possible, please continue to do business with the City via the following:

  • Phone (231) 652-1657 x 210
  • Mail to: City of Newaygo, PO Box 308, Newaygo, MI 49337
  • Utilize the drop box outside of City Hall
  • Online: www.newaygocity.org
  • Email at office@newaygocity.org or police@newaygocity.org

Regulations Regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus

Due to rulings by the Michigan Supreme Court on 10/2/2020, the Executive Orders issued by Governor Whitmer since 4/30/2020 are no longer valid. Since the Court's ruling, Robert Gordon, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, has issued emergency orders that mimic many of the provisions that were part of the Governor's Executive Orders relating to the COVID-19/Coronavirus issue. The emergency orders issued by Director Gordon were issued under a different section of state law.

Citizens have asked City of Newaygo officials for clarification on various aspects of recent State of Michigan actions relating to the virus COVID-19. Unfortunately, the City of Newaygo (the “City”) is not the proper entity to provide answers to these questions. Citizens wanting more information regarding various state actions and orders regarding COVID-19 can refer to the website: Michigan.gov/coronavirus or contact their local health department.

Many restrictions have been mandated by multiple orders issued by the State of Michigan (collectively, those COVID-19 related orders shall be referred to hereafter as the “Orders”). There is no City ordinance or policy that mirrors the Orders.

Prosecution for violations of Orders issued by the State, like other state criminal offenses, is under the jurisdiction of the Newaygo County Prosecutor and the Michigan Attorney General – not the City. As such, the City cannot offer any opinion as to the circumstances under which prosecution may or may not result.

Citizens with questions regarding the Orders relating to COVID-19 may find it helpful to consult their own legal counsel or contact the relevant office that issued the order, the Michigan Attorney General’s office, or the Newaygo County Prosecutor’s office. Should citizens have concerns about the Orders, those concerns would be more properly addressed to the relevant office that issued the order or their Michigan Senator or Michigan House of Representatives member.

On the Banks of the Muskegon River

City of Newaygo
Nature has influenced Newaygo since before 100 B.C. when Indian tribes like the Hopewell and Ottawa flourished here, hunting, fishing, and trapping the landscape.

There are many legends and stories about the name chosen for Newaygo. It is believed it was derived from an Indian brave, Nah-way-gon, who had a reputation for bravery and strength, and was known for his courage on the battlefield.

We're glad you are interested in our community. Please contact City Hall with any questions. We are happy to help.


Due to changes in Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) formerly (DEQ) Lead and Copper Rule have resulted in a new water sampling requirement for local municipalities. The City of Newaygo is looking to identify the location of lead components within the water system. If left undisturbed, lead components pose no safety risk. However, identifying the locations of all lead components in the water system is critical.

Location assessments will guide the City’s construction efforts as the removal of all lead components from the water system is prioritized. Location assessments will also assist the City of Newaygo with updating its water meter records in an effort to better plan for future meter replacement.

Location assessments are free and can either be self-reported through the email link below, or by scheduling an appointment with a Newaygo Department of Public Works staff member. To schedule an appointment call (231)-652-1657. Ext. 210

Prior to completing the survey, property owners are asked to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1 (optional)
Take a picture of the water service where it enters the home (inside) through the wall or floor. If both the water service pipe and the meter are clearly visible, then one picture will suffice. If they are not both clearly visible, then take a second picture of each.

Step 2
Identify the type of pipe coming into the home/business through the wall or floor as either plastic, copper, galvanized steel or lead.

If unable to visually determine the material type, hold a magnet against the pipe. If the magnet sticks to the pipe, the material is galvanized steel and this step is completed. If the magnet does not stick and the pipe appears to be in good condition, gently scrape the pipe with a screwdriver or utility knife and use the characteristics below to help determine the material type. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the pipe entering the floor or wall is corroded or in otherwise poor condition, only perform the magnet test.

Pipe Material Identifying Characteristics:

  1. A Plastic pipe should be easy to identify, can be many different colors and the pipe will not attract a magnet.
  2. Scraping a copper pipe will reveal a shiny “new penny” color and the pipe will not attract a magnet.
  3. Scraping a galvanized steel pipe will reveal a silver/white color and the pipe will attract a magnet
  4. Scraping a lead pipe will reveal a silver/white color and the pipe will not attract a magnet.
The link below is also a source to help identify what material the service line is made of.

Step 3
Property owners can now report their findings and upload their pictures.

Please include Street Address for each location if you have more than one.

Submit results to: twight@newaygocity.org

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Water Quality Reports

Looking for information on Water Quality in the City of Newaygo? Click here to read the 2019 Water quality Report.

Other reports are located under our Forms and Publications

Why Think Newaygo?

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