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City of Newaygo Police Department

Our Mission is to reduce the fear and incidence of crime, enhance public safety and enforce laws of both the State of Michigan and the City of Newaygo. We will do so by working in partnership with all citizens and the business community in the City of Newaygo.

By working jointly with all public and private agencies and the community, the members of the Newaygo Police Department will be active as leaders to protect and serve our community.

To accomplish this mission it is our commitment to serve all people with respect and dignity, doing so with honor and integrity.


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Chief of Police, Georgia Andres

28 State Road
PO Box 308
Newaygo, MI 49337
Phone: (231) 652-1655
Fax: (231) 652-6589
Emergency: Dial 911

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Georgia Andres, Chief of Police

Services and Classes offered to our Community!

Safety Classes (Instructor Lead):
RAD - Rape Aggression Defense, for women.

Short term training designed for the average person with no previous experience or background in
physical skills training.
* Develops and enhances options of self-defense.
* 12 hour class
* Common for mothers & daughters to attend together

CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Participants learn to acquire the skills and abilities required to reduce crime in a variety of settings
and situations.
* Opportunity to play meaningful role in community crime prevention
* Improved sense of security and quality of life through reduced fear of crime
* Fewer crimes committed in neighborhoods, fewer victimization of residents

CRASH - Civilian Response to Active Shooter Incidents
Created as a way to teach civilians how to react during a situation where they encounter an armed
person in a public place that is out to hurt them or others.
* Be aware of surroundings, do not deny, react appropriately
* Teaches 3 steps to use to get away from the person hurting people

Safety Features Within our City:
Summer Safety for Our Community
The goal is to educate and inform our youth of topics that directly relate to their safety & wellbeing, along with providing resources to parents. We hope to reduce the number of unsafe
activities and injuries that children often fall victim to during the summer months.
* Boat & Bike Patrol once again for our community Protection
* Presentations for children PK - 4th Grade
* Newaygo County Kids Day
* Summer Safety Literature

Inspections offered to our Citizens:
* Salvage Inspector
* Car Seat Inspections

For more information on any of the services and/or classes offered, please contact:
Chief Andres

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2000-2008 Cruiser

Reserve Officer Unit Openings, and Citizen Training

Have you ever thought you would like to learn more about the police and assisting the police in everyday functions? Or ever wanted to learn about how to become a better witness or a person who could assist your community as a volunteer to the police department? Here is an opportunity.

NEWAYGO POLICE DEPARTMENT WILL HOST A TRAINING SESSION FOR OUR RESERVE UNIT. We will train citizens on special functions, and at the end of the training, we will choose pick 4-5 volunteers to assist on our current Reserve Officer Program. Is this for you? Do you want to learn how to assist your local police department? Please contact Chief Andres at 231.652.1657 ext. 215.

Summary of Program:
The Volunteer Citizen Patrol Program (VCPP) is based on the concept of utilizing the talents and skills of volunteers from within the local community as partners in public safety. Citizen patrol volunteers are specially trained by the Newaygo Police Department to assist our community as our trained eyes and ears of the community. This training will help citizens protect their community by knowing when to respond and contact police. This training does not require law enforcement or regulatory authority.

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Newaygo Fire Department

Newaygo Fire Department
The Newaygo Fire Department proudly services 56 square miles in Newaygo County. This includes all of Brooks Township, approximately sixty (60) percent of Garfield Township, and the City of Newaygo.

Our area is made up of residential inhabitants and resorts. We have wooded sections along with several lakes and streams. The change in seasons brings a variance in population due to the amount of retirees that live in our area and the large amount of tourists during that season.

The Newaygo Fire Department is a small, modest, rural department and has one station. Fire suppression, rescue from heights, water rescue, and vehicle rescue are among services provided. The Newaygo Fire Department also enjoys strong mutual aid relationships with all departments in the Newaygo County area.  

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the station or give us a call and one of our firefighters will be happy to assist you! 

Newaygo Fire Protection District Station #12
177 Cooperative Center Drive, PO Box 243
Newaygo, MI 49337
Phone (231) 652-7788
Fax (231) 652-7077

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City of Newaygo

28 State Road
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Phone (231) 652-1657
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Emergency: Phone 911